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Welcome to my blog!

I’d like to thank everyone who has clicked on my posts and read them and/or shared them. On 14 August, I hit 500 all-time views on my blog. I seldom check the stats. I love the process of getting a post idea , quickly jotting it down, planning it in my head, writing it and then pressing the still slightly scary publish button. The loveliest thing is reading and replying to the comments! However I never thought I’d reach this many people so quickly. So thank you so, so much to everyone who has read this blog! It’s amazing and I’m really grateful. You can keep up with my posts by clicking the ‘follow’ button on the sidebar (if you’ve a wordpress account) or subscribe via email.

Apologies I haven’t been consistent on the blog. I’m constantly looking for post ideas so feel free to drop any post ideas in the comments and I’ll make sure to add them to my list. 🙂

With that aside, let’s get into today’s post!

My favorite podcasts

For me, listening to podcasts was never a thing before 2019. I got my IPhone back then and as I was getting to grips with IOS I found Applevis and subsequently there podcast.

I don’t have a stockpile of podcasts I listen to. But there are quite a few I really enjoy.

So today, I’m going to share my all-time favorite podcasts! In no particular order, let’s get started!

Rare with flair podcast

This is one of those rare podcasts I can say I’ve listened since its inception. Wow I can’t believe it’s already a year old!

As Casey and Cassandra say, rare with flair is a podcast where 2 20-somethings with the same rare disease are living their best lives!

I really love listening to this podcast. I weight with bated breath for each new episode and dislike the fact that my podcast app never notifies me because I don’t keep it open in my app switcher hahaha and that’s how most of these podcast apps work. The bond between these 2 women is absolute friendship goals! You’ll know if you already listen to the podcast!

Ah I can just go on and on fangirling about these 2. 🙂 Also they reply to emails and IG messages! I was so happy when they replied to me! I honestly never expected them to do so! Anyway you should go give it a listen. They’re just amazing! And make sure to check out those show notes!

P.S. I’m blind

A group of 5 friend’s podcasting and just going about their lives. All 5 of them have different degrees of visual impairments.

I just love listening to them! They talk about books, disability, shows they’re watching and just everything that catches their fancy. They always make me giggle so hard it’s just amazing! I was so happy when they replied to my Instagram comment and glad that I’m able to connect with them on twitter.

Currently on an unintended break but I’m hoping they’re back soon because I miss them. OH it’s a joy listening to them. 🙂

Better words podcast

A podcast hosted by 2 Australian friends talking all about books. As Caitlin and Michelle say, “A podcast for readers who want to know the stories behind the pages.”

They bring in-depth conversations about writing and publishing from those on the inside. It’s for you if you like me love all things books. Lots of author interviews and book recommendations to add to that ever-increasing TBR.

I just love listening to these 2 friends talk about books and those tangents about anything and everything are just the best.

The first episode of season 7 is so fascinating!


2 of my recent finds

There are some more podcasts I enjoy but let’s keep them for another post. I recently found 2 new podcasts and am catching up with the episodes I’ve missed and am loving them. So much to learn and enjoy!

James and Ashley Stay at Home

A podcast hosted by 2 Australian friends James and Ashley. There major themes are writing and health. They interview authors talking about their books and the author’s process of writing it. I discovered this one when 2 amazing authors I follow Kay Kerr and Anna Whateley featured in the latest episode.

It’s an enjoyable listen and Ashley and James often make me laugh. Currently catching on all the 36 episodes I’ve missed.

The Heumann Perspective

A podcast hosted by the amazing Judy Heumann. She’s an internationally recognized lifelong disability advocate. I came across her work about a year ago and found this podcast few months ago. I still have a lot of episodes to catch up with and learn from. Her books are also on my TBR.

I love following her and to be able to learn from someone like her is a joy.

This podcast has transcripts.

There you have it!

Some of my favorite podcasts and recent finds. Unfortunately, only 1 of the podcast I mentioned offers transcripts.

Transcripts not only help Deaf, hard of hearing and deafblind individuals but I also find them helpful as its easier for me to read and catch up with the episodes if I’ve missed an episode or don’t have time to listen to the episode.

I really hope my favorite podcasters and all podcasters in general understand the importance of making transcripts available and actively do so.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post and got some amazing podcast recommendations along the way. 🙂

What’re your favorite podcasts to listen to if you regularly listen to podcasts? Do you listen to any of the podcast mentioned? Do you have any other podcast recommendations that you’d like me to check out? Or just wanna chat, feel free to comment. 🙂 I’d love to hear from you.

Khushi X


    1. wow! congratulations on your 500 views!
      Ohh the publish button never becomes less scary it seems 🙂
      yeah I tend to listen to podcasts after my dinner and before heading to bed. or just anytime I want something to distract me and am not reading a book. they’re nice ways to chill and learn. 🙂
      so glad you enjoyed.


  1. congratulations to 500 views. That’s wonderful 🙂 . I do not listen to podcasts very much but your favourites all sound interesting. Maybe I try them out. Happy Friday despite everything 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have been blogging on and off for 5 years and the publish button still intimidates me! I am so picky with podcasts but do really enjoy them so thought I would give this post a read. I think I’ll check out the Better Words podcast! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats on 500 views. I know the struggle to get there. I am in that same boat.

    Let’s talk Podcast. I am obsessed with them. My fav is true crime, I enjoy Crime Junkie and Crime Countdown. Then book podcast I love too. My fav is Hey YA, they just talk about YA books, which I enjoy reading.

    Total side note, I started a book podcast I only have 2 episodes up. But I think here in Dec I will be doing more episodes. I am just busy with my year-end exam.

    Talk about leaving a long comment….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hi hi
      thank you! I don’t know how that happened so quickly 🙂
      ohh I also love podcasts.. am surely going to check your podcast out! 🙂
      thanks for the folow on the blog, I hope you enjoy reading 🙂


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